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  • Life is a journey. Use the footsteps to measure the road you are on, or explore the unknown world you are in , OUC can record each stage and even each step in life, and these trace can be remained permanently on the map through the irreversible function of the blockchain. Real estate owner ,is not only in dreams, but also in your world. In OUC's virtual world , your real world passes through every building, and every land are likely to gain the digital real estate ownership of the virtual world by the footprint “mining” and gain benefits and income.
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OUC Introduction

OUC is not only a kind of social APP, it is also....

  • Key Issues

    The acquaintance social platform is full of excessive relationship chains, and this is binding to everyone. For example, private information, photos, ideas, etc. are inconvenient to disclose,causing some young users are tired of being involved and gradually leaving the platform. The homogenous-designed social platform, products' similar function also show the slowly and fatigue growth , lack of novel and unique content creation, and reduced attraction. The centralized social platform has established the rules for the production, dissemination and sharing of platform content, and the needs of self social to have the full equality and free sharing of are far from satisfied. So the new social window is just around the corner. Map social, which is a next focus in the new window period.

  • Solutions

    OUC builds and maintains community attention value based on map socializing. The user's location and dynamics are visually displayed on the map, and social scenes are built on the basis of geographic information. We solve the problem that the current market social products only share the location dynamics of the linked friends, which can not retain the content, and cannot establish the outline of the personal location. Our protocol is to provide and allow the user's device to accurately spot the location and direction in the real geospatial space, and updates the data of the surrounding environment into the blockchain to implement the process of retaining the dynamic change track of the personal location. User's device receives an OUC award for providing data. Users can publish high-quality content (text image and video) in the community, and automatically distribute equities according to the algorithm, so they can share content benefits with all users in the social network.

  • Technical Framework

    Location is an essential core function of social applications, and it is the key to extending social activities from online to offline. The open protocol of the distributed geospatial data market is divided into a data acquisition layer, a data service layer and an application presentation layer through the isolation verification technology, the layered structure, which separates the basic data service and the contract to realize better system scalability. Our protocol allows users to interact with the blockchain, deploy smart contracts with geospatial parameters, and bring geospatial data into the blockchain. It will form a decentralized geospatial information consensus to quantify geospatial information. The activity path can be recorded without opening the application in real time, and can be continuously recorded offline even without a network.It can build and set up a strong social relationship in the weak social network at the bottom of the platform by simply informational transmission through a direct visual display of the map of multiple information elements.


    The user uses the device to use GPS to determine the location and load geographic information that matches the area. The existing features in the area are read from the blockchain, User's application of the GPS itinerary , and the formation of activity track can bring back OUC reward. When the virtual game is loaded, the user can purchase the virtual land property rights at the geographic information point through his actual motion track. Other participants must pay the OUC to the lords to form a complete income mode. Virtual land property rights can be transferred and auctioned. The incentive mechanism of the algorithm encourages users to create high-quality content, invite users to participate in platform construction, activate social networks, and obtain OUC benefits. The use of offline animation is to display offline business ads on the map. Small businesses are often ignored by the big platforms, but usually neighbourhood users are their main target customers.

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  • DAPP
  • OUC is a new social network based on blockchain technology, aiming to create a “attention-of-value” ecosystem which is freedom, equality, social governance and diversity. In OUC, users can freely share and acquire valuable content, participate in ecological construction. Users can also obtain mining incentives and the incomes of their investment in real estate when they are creating flow value.
  • Decentralized Location-based Social Services Infrastructure

    OUC is building the world’s first complete decentralized location-based social services(DLBS) infrastructure.OUC geospatial consensus ecological network consists of geospatial consensus data production,spatial computing power network,self-organizing geospatial asset node.It provide a complete trusted geospatial value exchange service for computing,personal terminal to commercial ecological,and making value flows multidimensional,safer and smarter,complement the missing last key component of the application of blockchain to the real economy.Integrated DLBS,super oracle,and consensus map platform,based on the algorithm consensus to motivate participation and achieve benefit for everyone,one-stop support for all applications that retrieval location-based services,build social network on map, and enters an on chain and off chain Turing's complete self-circulation business ecology.

  • Geospatial Asset Node

    OUC intention is to return every value creator in a way that equals rights and profit sharing,and restore data sovereignty to individuals.Consequently,it will lead to a more equal,smarter,self-evolving data affirmative society in which everyone has the right to benefit from the value they create,and everyone has the right to benefit from the economic growth they contribute.

  • Location Intelligent Business Ecology

    Ouc is building smart contracts across to leverage the benefit afforded by deployments.This will have the added ability to create an entire mapping ecosystem complete with location intelligence and fully realizing potential commercial applications.A decentralized mapping ecosystem will build services on top of such as food,clothing,housing,and living facilities,reshaping the mapping ecosystem,and empowering hundreds of millions of local SMB around the world to leap into the new era of location intelligent business.


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